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Register now (deadline extended to March 25, 2018) for the 2nd World Conference of Chinese Studies &
17th Intl. Conference on the Digitalization of Premodern Chinese Novel & Drama 2018

jointly held in Germany and Austria! [Download pdf.]





World Association for Chinese Studies e.V. (NGO/NPO)




           德國維大 學




2nd World Conference of Chinese Studies &

17th Intl. Conference on the Digitalization of Premodern Chinese Novel & Drama

第 二屆世界漢學論壇 & 第十七屆中國古代小說戲曲文獻暨數位化國際研討會

- Invitation Letter (4th edition) -

August 17-23, 2018 Witten/Germany and Vienna/Austria


Dear _______________________,


To celebrate the founding of the World Association for Chinese Studies (WACS), to promote Chinese Studies and to foster the cooperation between the Chinese and Western worlds of Chinese Studies, the World Association for Chinese Studies and the Organizing Committee for the Conferences on Research on the Premodern Chinese Novel on August 18-19, 2018 at Witten/Herdecke University and on August 21-22 at the Confucius Institute at Vienna University jointly conduct the conference “2nd World Conference for Chinese Studies & 17th Intl. Conference on the Digitalization of Premodern Chinese Novel & Drama”. We kindly invite you to participate with a paper on a topic of your choice. See:


1.       Time

August 17-23, 2018 (arrival on August 17, presentations at Witten University August 18 – August 19, travel to Vienna on August 20, presentations at Vienna University on August 21-22, Closing Ceremony August 22 afternoon, Departure August 23).


2.       Venue

University Witten/Herdecke, Alfred-Herrhausen-Straße 50, 58448 Witten, Germany & Confucius Institute at Vienna University, Alserstraße 4, Hof 1, Eingang 1.3, A 1090 Wien, Austria. Airport ist Duesseldorf (DUS), detailed information how to travel by train to the hotel will be provided (pick-up service needs to be ordered seperately). There is a bus from Dusseldorf to Vienna, with stops in Munich and Salzburg. You can either buy two single fare plane tickets to Dusseldorf and from Vienna or return from Vienna to Dusseldorf and buy an international return ticket to and from Dusseldorf.


3.       Topics

I New findings in Chinese Studies, II Comparison and integration of Chinese and Non-Chinese Chinese Studies, III Different aspects of Chinese Studies, IV Chinese literature in translation and international dissemination, V Reflexions on Chinese Literary History, VI Studies of Chinese literature of world, VII Other related topics in Chinese Studies.


4.       Types of Proposals

I              Individual Paper proposals

II             Organized Panels proposals: These proposal types should include: A panel title, a Chair, 3-4 Paper Presenters, and a Moderator/Discussant.

III            Branch Association proposals by various and different professional branch association of WACS.


5.       Conference Languages

Chinese, English, simultaneous translation cannot be guaranteed


6.       Contribution requirements

a.       Every participant decides if he/she contributes a paper, summed up in a short oral presentation

b.      Please send your application form including a paper title, an abstract (200 words, if possible also 500 Chinese characters, if not, translation will be provided) until March 20, 2018 by email to the organizing committee ( There will be a review process. Please wait for the confir­ma­tion until March 31 before submitting your paper, booking hotels/flights or paying any conference fee.

c.       Please send a draft of the paper (10.000 words in English or 8,000-15,000 characters in Chinese) and pay the deposit for the conference fee until April 30, 2018 by email to the organizing committee ( - no extension possible, papers not submitted until April 30 will be considered rejected).

d.      If you want to participate at the conference, please submit the enclosed form by email to the con­fe­rence organizing committee. The conference papers will be edited and published in a conference volume, and a selection of the Chinese papers will be published in journals too, e.g. in European Journal of Chinese Studies.


7.       Conference Attendance Fees             

The event has been made possible thanks to the hosts Witten/Herdecke university, Confucius Institute at Vienna University and sponsors. There is conference fee (120 € for each non-member, 90 € for members), and a fee for the cultural excursion/bus travel from Witten to Vienna (90 €). Please arrange international travel to Witten (Duesseldorf Airport) and from Vienna (Vienna Airport) (or by train back to Duesseldorf Airport and then flight back from there) by yourself. Accommodation in Germany and Vienna, also for ac­com­panying family members, will be arranged by the conference orga­ni­zing team at conference discount rates (85 € each night, double rooms 70 € for each person). Hotel prices are subject to adjustment, espe­cially for late bookers. Please note that all participants have to use provided accomodation, if you book any­thing by yourself, you still need to pay the hotel room provided to you by the organisers. In case of suffi­cient participants and funds, the organizers provide ca­tering, shuttle bus service and conference inter­pretation. A minimum non-refundable deposit of 500 € has to be paid until April 30, 2018, either by credit card (+3,9% fee), Paypal (+5,5% fee) or by in­ter­national bank transfer. The early deposit is necessary to get the discounted hotel rates, late pay­ment results in a more expensive room charge in the form of a general 100 € late payment fee. The de­posit will be used upon ac­co­modation for 6 nights and other occuring costs. Any remaining amount needs to be paid until May 31, again, if paid late the late-payment fee of 100 € will be added. If you are a pa­tron member and want to use credit from your patron membership account, please indicate the amount (only conference fee can be deducted, because the other costs are third party costs actually occuring). Hotel address in Germany: Maritim Hotel Gelsenkirchen, Am Stadt­garten 1, 45879 Gel­senkirchen, Germany. In Vienna it is Residenz Pension, Ebendorferstrasse 10, 1010 Wien and more hotels (Baron, Hotel am Schottenpoint) within a few 100 meters from the University will be provided.


8.       Registration

Please send the filled in registration form back until March 20, 2018 (or as soon as possible), together with a title of your paper, an abstract and a photo/copy of the photo page of the passport. After a quality assurance process, the conference program and the list of participants will be finalized. Please submit the final paper until April 30, 2018.


9.       Contact people and contact information

Conference Organizing Secretariat

Р        Martin Woesler (Europe/China, Conference Convener) mobile: +49 178 2073538, +86 150 1138 8818,  email:, WhatsApp +86 150 1138 8818

Р        Richard Trappl, Director Confucius Institute at Vienna University, Austria

Р        Zhou Wenye, Peking/China, mobile: +86 136 93141064 (Premodern Chinese Novel)


Martin Woesler, Witten/ Her­decke University, Al­fred-Herrhausen-St. 50, 58448 Witten, Ger­many

Richard Trappl

Director Confucius Institute at Vienna University, Austria





World Association of Chinese Studies e.V.

phone +49 2302 926-866, fax -813

February 28, 2018


Payment information 付款資訊

因爲會務組得到了酒店房價的優惠,每位參會者必須在430 日前繳納500歐元押金。

Please make sure to pay a minimum non-refundable fee of 500 € until April 30, 2018.

-         通過銀行帳 至帳戶World Association of Chinese Studies e.V., 號 碼DE26430601290303952500銀行號碼GENODEM1BOC銀 行Volksbank Bochum-Witten, Universitaetsstr. 70, 44789 Bochum, Germany 德 國波鴻市 / by bank payment to account World Association of Chinese Studies e.V., IBAN DE26430601290303952500SWIFT GENODEM1BOCBank: Volksbank Bochum-Witten, Universitaetsstr. 70, 44789 Bochum, Germany

-         請閣下於430日 使用信用卡付款(押 金包括房費), 並煩請將信用卡資 訊傳真至+49 234 701230或者掃描並發給信 用卡手續費為3.9%, 非歐洲學者Paypal手 續費為5.5%Please charge my credit card for the total amount (including accomodation) + 3.9% service fee, 類型type _____________, 號碼 no. _______________________________________, 到期日 exp. date ___/___, 卡上的姓名 name on card __________________________, 卡反面的三 three digits on back side ____, 帳戶 對帳單地 址 address statements are sent to: ___________________________________________________(address). Please fax this form to +49 234 701230 or scan it and send it by email to 使用Paypal付 款要加5.5%銀行費,如以信用卡資訊傳真至+49234701230, 銀行費則為3.9%If you pay by credit card, the bank service charge is 3.9%.

-         From Europe, you can pay the total via Paypal, please copy the following into your browser: 支 付方式:在 歐洲,可以通過Paypal支 付您的費用,請複製下列網址到您的流覽器:
If you pay by Paypal, you need to pay 5.5% more for the bank service charge.


Conference Schedule 活動行程2018228日 版本)


第 二屆世界漢學論壇 & 第 十七屆中國古代小說戲曲文獻暨數位化國際研討會


20180817日至23 -
Aug 17-23, 2018

行 程 -  Conference Program

1817日 星期五

Day 1 Fri Aug 17

全日 whole day

抵 達杜塞爾多夫Düsseldorf機 場洗塵餐敘住宿Maritim酒店 Arrival Düsseldorf Airport, Welcome Dinner, Accomodation: Maritim Hotel Gelsenkirchen

2818日 星期六

Day 2 Sat Aug 18

上午 prenoon

參 加「第二屆世界漢學論壇」開幕式、主題演講。

Conference Opening, Keynotes.



參 加「第二屆世界漢學論壇」小組討論。住宿Maritim酒 店 Conference: Panels. Accomodation: Maritim Hotel

3819日 星期日

Day 3 Sun Aug 19

上午 prenoon

參 加「第二屆世界漢學論壇」小組討論。住宿Maritim酒 店 Conference: Panels. Accomodation: Maritim Hotel



參 加「第二屆世界漢學論壇」小組討論。住宿Maritim酒 店 Conference: Panels. Accomodation: Maritim Hotel

4820日 星期一

Day 4 Mon Aug 20


whole day

坐大巴去奧地利 維也納,住 宿Residenz Pension酒店Travel to Vienna, Austria, Accomodation: Residenz Pension

5821日 星期

Day 5 Tue Aug 21

上午 prenoon

參 加「第二屆世界漢學論壇」小組討論。住宿Residenz Pension酒店 Conference: Panels. Accomodation: Residenz P.




參 加「第二屆世界漢學論壇」小組討論。住宿Residenz Pension酒店 Conference: Panels. Accomodation: Residenz P.

6822日 星期

Day 6 Wed Aug 22

上午 prenoon

參 加「第二屆世界漢學論壇」小組討論。住宿Residenz Pension酒店 Conference: Panels. Accomodation: Residenz P.




參 加「第二屆世界漢學論壇」小組討論。住宿Residenz Pension酒店 Conference: Panels. Accomodation: Residenz P.

7823日 星期四

Day 7 Thu Aug 23


whole day

出 境賦歸 Departure

Enclosure 1: Registration form to Invitation Letter No. 4

14號 邀請函《會議回執》


“2nd World Conference of Chinese Studies - 17th Conference on the Digitalization of the Premodern Chinese Novel & Drama” Registration Form

第二屆世界漢學 論壇 & 第 十七屆中國古代小說戲 曲文獻暨數位化國際研討會邀請函(第4號)回執


Name, Prename (as in Passport)




Chinese characters 漢字:

ease return by March 15 to vel                                                             ourself, you still need to pay the h




護 照號碼

Passport no.











電 郵地址



Contact address incl. zip code




No. of people: ____



(縂 人數包括陪同親戚)

o Single room單人房/ o double room雙 人房

If single, would you share a room?


o Yes

o No 不是


I will pay the 500 Euros deposit before April 30 by the following method:

將 於430日前使用以下方 式支付500歐元押金_________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________

Paper title



Paper abstract 論 文摘要














     Please return by March 20 to... / 320 前請發到





World Association for Chinese Studies e.V. (NGO/NPO)





承 辦


第二屆世界漢學論壇 & 第十七屆中國古代小說戲曲文獻暨數位化國際研討會
尊敬的        先生/女士:

世界漢學研究會自2016宣 告成立以來已 有來自世界40多個國家和地區的漢學家、學者和作家加盟。推進漢學的深入發展,促進中 國與東西方學界的團結與合作,世 界漢學研究會舉 辦「第二屆世界漢學論壇 & 第十七屆中國古代小說戲曲文獻暨數位化國際研討會。素仰閣下於漢學研究造 詣精深,特請撥 冗與會並發 表____________ ____茲 將初擬會議相關事宜奉聞如後,佇候賜覆會 議網站為



會議定於2018817日至23日召開,817日報到, 18日至19日下午學術研討會,20去奧地利維也納21日至22日學術研討會及 閉幕, 23日離會。


二、 會議地點

德國維藤大學(Witten University, 位於德國北威州魯爾區(Alfred-Herrhausen-Straße 50, 58455 Witten)最近的機場杜塞爾多夫(Düsseldorf可 以坐火車到酒店還 會有更詳細的資訊。 一般不提供接送服務,如果有需要,煩請提前單獨與會務組商量。杜 塞爾多夫機場到維 也納有大 巴奧地利的地址:維也納大學孔子學院(Alserstraße 4, Hof 1, Eingang 1.3, 1090 Wien, Austria)。 與會者也可以自己從機場火車站坐火車到維藤市站(票 價大概20歐元,總 共需要90分鐘)。從維也納回杜 塞爾多夫機場要自己安排。也可以從 維也納直接回國,需要事先購買兩個單程的飛機票。


三、 會議議題

1、 古今漢學研究的新發現

2、 中外漢學的比較與融合

3、 中外漢學不同範疇的分類研究

4、 中國古今文學的翻譯與國際傳播

5、 中國文學史反思


7、 其他相關漢學專題研究

古代 小說戲曲文獻暨數位化國際研討會


中國 古代小說戲曲文獻研究的……



中國 古代小說戲曲數位化研究的……





四、會 議參與方式  

1.個人申請: 個人申請, 提交回執後,由籌委會安排。

2.小組申請: 組織4-6人小組(包含單元主 題、發表者、討論者和主持人),

由小組代表向籌委 會提出申請。

3.分會申請: 由地域與專 業分會會長組織申請,可以包括幾個小 組。


五、會 議使用語言

會 議使用中文與英文兩種語言,會務組準備同時配備←→同 聲傳譯(待 確認)。



1、申請參會者需提交規範的學術論文一篇,並就此作簡短口 頭報告。

2、參會的申請表與演講題目論 文摘要(500個漢字,200英文詞)請於2018320日 前以電子文本的形式發送到會議學術委員會電子郵箱

3、 論文請於2018430日 前以電子文本的形式發送到會議學術委員會電子郵箱:wacs@china-studies.com430日以後會議學術委 員會將不再接收會議論文)。

4、論文語言可以是中文(8000-15000個漢字左右)或者英文(10000詞左右)。中文論文須符合規範要 求,即請在論文標題之下標明作者姓名及國別、供職單位;如有注釋請採用腳注形式,全文注釋每頁重新編號。英文論文請按 國際規範寫作。

5、所有與會者在大會發表論文;會後將擇優編輯出版論文 集。


七、 與會費用

會議收取會務費120歐元/人(會員90歐元/人),其餘會議期間的費用由主辦方承擔,大巴90歐元。交通費、住宿費自理。430日 前預付住宿費,單人間每晚約85歐 元,雙人房每人約70歐 元,一共至少預付500歐 元(有發票)。現 場繳納住宿費,預計單人間每晚約120歐元,雙人房每人約100歐元,所以當場總共需要多要繳納100多歐元,我們也無法保證還有剩餘房間。預付也可以用人民 幣和微信,如果需要刷大學的卡,也可以先個 人付錢,當場會務組退錢,然後刷卡。

酒 店英文地址為Maritim Hotel Gelsenkirchen, Am Stadtgarten 1, 45879 Gelsenkirchen, Germany,, 維也納:Residenz Pension, Ebendorferstrasse 10, 1010 Wien



吳漠 汀,手機:+86 150 1138 8818, +49 178 2073538, 郵 箱:


周文曄,北京(+86 136 9314 1064負責中國古代小說戲曲文獻暨數位化部分)


九、 會議回執及正式邀請

收到本邀請函後,請您及 時填寫《會議回執》並於2018320日前以電子文本的形式發送到會議 學術委員會電子郵箱或者更早,因爲申請公 務護照和簽證需要時間,建議320日或以前)。


吳漠汀(Martin Woesler,德國召集人

維藤 大學, Al­fred-Herr­hau­sen-St. 50, 58448 Witten

李夏德Richard Trappl奧 地利召集人奧地利維也納大學孔子學院 Al­ser­straße 4, Hof 1, Eingang 1.3, 1090 Wien







申請簽證時在當地的身份麻煩填Martin Woesler, Alfred-Herrhausen-Str. 50, 58448 Witten, Germany, phone +49 2302/926-866, fax -813






第十七屆中國古代小說戲曲文獻暨數位化國際研討會擬於2017817——23日在德國維籐大學和奧地利維也納大學舉行,由世界漢學研究會承辦、德中協會和奧地利維也納大學孔子學院協辦。第 十七屆中國古代小說戲曲文獻暨數位化國際研討會第二屆世界漢學論壇合 辦。

素仰臺端在中國古代小說戲曲文獻暨數位化研究領域學識深厚、 成就卓著特以此函誠邀蒞會以 襄盛舉。

    * 中國古代小說戲曲文獻研究的最新進展和成果
    * 中國古代小說戲曲文獻研究的進一步發展
    * 中國古代小說戲曲數位化研究的最新進展和成果
    * 中國古代小說戲曲數位化研究的進一步發展。

會議日程817日晚上報到。818——19日學術研討。820日 坐會議巴士去維也納並文化考察。821——22日學術研討。


報到、住宿地點交 通地址:Maritim酒 店, Am Stadt­garten 1, 45879 Gelsenkirchen, Germany,前臺電話:+49 209 1760。 奥地利维也纳也納酒店地址:Residenz Pension, Ebendorferstrasse 10, 1010 Wien。

機場:杜塞爾多夫(Duesseldorf, DUS)杜 塞爾多夫機場到維也納往返有巴士。也可以從維也納直接回國,就要買兩個單程的飛機 票。


會務組負責人:吳漠汀(150 1138 8818    周文業136 9314 1064








2: 格式範例












編號採用①②③,每頁注釋重新編號,最後以“.”結 束。

注釋文字應包括:著(譯)者和書名全稱,出版社名、出版年份,所引文字在該 書中頁碼。所注對象為雜誌,注明該雜誌刊期即可;所注對象為古籍,注明該書刊刻年份和卷數;所注物件為 現代影印本的古籍,注明出版社、影印年份、冊數及頁碼。


    所有的數字英文都用Times New Roman字體(包括封面、摘要、目錄、正文、參考文獻、後記等所有的)。





[]希歐多爾·德萊賽著,王克 非、張韶寧譯.嘉莉妹妹[M].南京:譯林出版社,1999325




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