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1st World Conference for Chinese Studies
and General Assembly World Association for Chinese Studies - Invitation Letter
Celebrating the 60th Anniversary of the German China Association

August 19-20, 2017 Witten/Germany


Free admission. Open to the public.

Invitation Letter

Dear Sir / Madam,

To celebrate the founding of the World Association for Chinese Studies (WACS) and the 60th anniversary of the German China Association (GCA), to promote Chinese Studies and to foster the cooperation between the Chinese and Western worlds of Chinese Studies, the World Association of  Chinese Studies and the German China Association on August 19-20, 2017 at Witten/Herdecke University jointly conduct the conference “1st World Conference for Chinese Studies - Celebrating the 60th anniversary of the German China Association”. We kindly invite you to either give a 10-minute speech on a topic of your choice or to attend in the audience. Conference website:

1.    Time
August 19-20, 2017 (we recommend to arrive on August 18 and to stay in the conference hotel)

2.    Venue
University Witten/Herdecke, FEZ Building, Alfred-Herrhausen-Straße 44, 58448 Witten, Germany

3.    Topics/Panels
Keynote speeches on the development of Chinese Studies in China and abroad. 01 Classical Chinese Literature (Pre-Qin), 02 Classical Chinese Confucian Literature (Pre-Qin), 03 Premodern Chinese Literature: Prose, 04 Premodern Chinese Literature: Poetry, 05 Tang and Song Literature, 06 Ming Qing literature, 07 Republican Literature of the 1920s, 08 Modern Literary History, 09 Translation: Ancient and premodern, 10 Translation: Modern and Contemporary, 11 China in Asia, 12 Buddhist Studies, 13 Dissemination of Chinese literature abroad, 14 Comparision East West, 15 Politics and Journalism: Government, Economy, One Belt one Road, China-EU, 16 China in Malaysia, 17 Hong Kong Literature, 18 War in Asia: Korea War, Manchuko and the Rescue Myth of Jewish people, 19 Aesthetics and Wang Guowei and 'ren' with Matteo Ricci, 20 Modern and contemporary literature, 21 Single author studies (Mao Zedong, Wang Xiaobo, Shi Tuo), 22 Communist and Anti-Communist, 23 Confucian Stone Research, Neo-Confucianism in 17th century, 24 Linguistics

4.    Types of Proposals
I    Individual Paper proposals
II    Organized Panels proposals: These proposal types should include: A panel title, a Chair, 3-4 Paper Presenters, and a Discussant.
III    Branch Association proposals: applied by various and different professional branch association of WACS.

5.    Conference Languages
Chinese, English (, German), Chinese↔English simultaneous translation will be provided

6.    Contribution requirements
a.    Participation as audience: Please register and choose no fees or select meals & shuttle bus/accomodation
b.    Participation as speaker: Please register, make selections and submit abstract (200 words, if possible also 500 Chinese characters, if not, translation will be provided) until July 31, 2017 by email to the organizing committee
c.    Optionally, you can choose to submit an elaborated paper (10.000 words) until August 5, 2017 by email to the organizing committee Your paper can be in Chinese (8,000-15,000 characters), or English (10000 words). The conference papers will be edited and published in a conference volume, and a selection of the Chinese papers will be published in journals too, e.g. in European Journal of Chinese Studies.

7.    Conference Attendance Fee   
Audience can attend for free (or select certain services), but needs to register by July 31, 2017. Speakers pay a conference fee (120 € for each non-member, 90 € for members). Please arrange travel by yourself. Please choose if you want to stay in the conference hotel at conference rates (90 € each night, double rooms 50 € for each person). Hotel address: Maritim Hotel Gelsenkirchen, Am Stadtgarten 1, 45879 Gelsenkirchen, Germany,

8.    Registration
Please send the registration form back until July 31 (or as soon as possible), together (if applicable) with a title of your paper and an abstract.

9.    Contact people and contact information
Conference Organizing Secretariat
•    Martin Woesler (Europe, China, Conference Convener) mobile: +49 178 2073538, +86 150 1138 8818,  email:, WhatsApp +86 150 1138 8818
•    POON Ming Kay (Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan) mobile: +852 9831 7491,
email: mkpoon

首屆世界漢學論壇 / 1st World Conference of Chinese Studies
注册表 / Conference Registration Form

注意事項/ Hints﹕
1. 為方便後續工作,請填妥表格裡的所有資料。/ To help us prepare the conference, please fill in the following information.
2. 請用電腦輸入文字,以便于减少错误的机率。/ Please use the computer to directly type in, this helps us to avoid mistakes.
Name    (中)    出生日期﹕
Birth date    /      /
(日  /  月  /  年)
聯係方式:電郵地址、手機號碼Contact: Email, phone number   
Paper title
(Please fill in at least one)    (中)
分论組 (由委員會填写,或者您已确认的分论组是) /
Panel (Conference committee assigns. Exception: You have already registered a panel.)    (中)
簡歷﹕Biographical information
(不超過100字/max. 250 characters)   
2017年8月     日
Arrival Aug ____, 2017
Flight no. (to pick you up) ________    O 文化考察 Participation in Cultural Excursion
Aug 21-23
地點﹕新天鵝堡、慕尼黑 (Places: Castle New Swanstein, Munich)    出發日期
2017年8月     日
Departure Aug ____, 2017
Flight no. (to bring you there) ________
酒店Hotel    单人间(90欧元)或者双人间(50欧元)。如果您选择双人间,最好2人入住(O我的伴侣/O其他参会者/O_____________)。Single room (90 €) or double room (50 €). If you stay in double room, preferred 2nd person in double room (O partner / O any other conference participant / O _____________)
Individual Invitation letter    We have already sent paper copies out, but not everybody received one. I still need O an electronic copy, O a paper copy
Remarks: ______________________________________
(会务组已发送纸质版的正式个人邀请函,但不是每个人都已经收到。)我希望能够收到O电子版,O纸质版。备 注:_____
照片 photo    (可以发送附件。 You can send it as file attached to an email.)
Fees to pay    O No fees (no accomodation/meals/shuttle bus service)
O Selected fees
____ € 協會成員費(非會員=0€, 已缴纳3年,選项:学生—至少45欧元,个人—至少90欧元/optional: membership fee for three years - 0 € if no member, min. 45 € if student, min. 90 € if individual member)
+____ € 會務费/conference fee (120欧元,如果是WACS会员:90欧元. /
+住___晚的会议酒店,___晚的文化考察酒店x ____欧元(单人间90欧元,双人间50欧元/人)=___欧元的住宿费/___ nights in conference hotel or cultural excursion hotel x ____ € (90 € for single room, 50 € for 1 person in double room) = ____ € for hotel accomodation
+____ € (optional: 0 € if you do not participate in cultural excursion, 90 € if you participate in cultural excursion incl. bus and meals)/___欧元(选项:如果不参加文化考察,不需要支付费用;如果参加文化考察,需要支付90欧元的考察费用,包括大巴交通费和餐费)
+____ € (costs for your partner. If you come together with your partner, partners do not need to pay membership or conference fee, they only pay 50 € / person and night hotel accomodation and 90 € for the for the cultural excursion.)/___欧元(您伴侣的费用。如果您的伴侣与您一同参会,伴侣不需要支付会员费和会议费,只需支付50欧元/人/晚的住宿费和90 欧元的文化考察费。)
= ____ € total/共计___欧元
用信用咭付款(把总额,包括房费),請將閣下信用咭資料傳真至+49 234 701230或者扫描并发给信用咭手續費為3.9%,非歐洲學者Paypal手續費為5.5%)。 Please charge my credit card for the total amount (including accomodation) + 3.9% service fee, 类型type _____________, 号码 no. _______________________________________, 到期日 exp. date ___/___, 卡上的姓名 name on card __________________________, 卡饭面的三位数 three digits on back side ____, 帐户对帐单地址 address statements are sent to: ___________________________________________________(address). Please fax this form to +49 234 701230 or scan it and send it by email to
From Europe, you can pay the total via Paypal, please copy the following into your browser: 支付方式:在欧洲,可以通过Paypal支付您的费用,请复制下列网址到您的浏览器: /webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=MVY8HSR5VNMYJ
If you pay by Paypal, you need to pay 5.5% more for the bank service charge. If you FAX your credit card information to +49234701230, the bank service charge is 3.9%. 使用Paypal付款要加5.5%銀行費,如以信用咭信息傳真至+49234701230,銀行費則為3.9%。

Please send back by email to or to fax +49 234 701230.


Schedule    姓名繁    English Name    論文    Speech title
19.08.2017 08:00                Photo
19.08.2017 08:15    致辞 Greetings: 副校长 Jan Ehlers, 总会长 Mu Zhai, 的中协会主席 Gregor Paul, 主持 Moderation: 王兆鵬 Wang Zhaopeng, 致辞人:Richard Trappl, Emilian Kavalski, Luigi Moccia; Written Greetings from Yao Zongyi, Ye Jiaying, Jin Xuezhu, Li Xiaohong, N.N.
19.08.2017 08:30    成员代表大会 General Assembly - 主持 Moderation: Martin Woesler, 郑炜明 Zheng Weiming, 年报告 Year report: 朴宰雨Park Jae Woo
19.08.2017 09:00        Paul, Gregor        Power and art in China
19.08.2017 09:20    木斋    Mu Zhai    论中国文学与中国诗歌的起源发生     On the Origin of Chinese Literature and Chinese Poetry
19.08.2017 09:40    位靈芝    Wei Lingzhi    致辞    Chinese Studies in China
19.08.2017 10:00        Eberspächer, Cord    China's historical Way to Modernity
19.08.2017 10:20        Luo Huiling        Sino-Spanish Exchange in the democratic transitional period
19.08.2017 10:40         Kavalski, Emilian    关系国际关系理论中国人是什么?    Guanxi or What is the Chinese for Relational Theory of International Relations
19.08.2017 11:00         Moccia, Luigi        Chinese legal system between tradition and modernity
19.08.2017 11:20    吳漠汀    Woesler, Martin    从种族中心主义和异国主义到普遍主义和对话:西方中国学之总趋势——以《红楼梦》早期西方接受为例    From Ethnocrentrism and Exoticism to Universalism and Dialogue: the General Trend of Western Studies in China - A Case Study of the Early Western Reception of A Dream of Red Mansions
19.08.2017 11:40    李夏德    Richard Trappl        Working Title: Lu Xun and Europe
19.08.2017 12:00    胜雅律    von Senger, Harro     中國和瑞士相同的地方    Sino-helvetische Parallelen
19.08.2017 12:20    柯兰霓    von Collani, Claudia    于中國的歐洲傳教士    European Missionaries in China
19.08.2017 12:40    LUNCH BREAK
19.08.2017 14:00    PANEL 01 in Hall 2 "Classical Chinese Literature (Pre-Qin)"
19.08.2017 14:00    王曉鵑    Wang Xiaojuan    章樵《古文苑注》徵引先秦兩漢書目考述    A Textual Research on the Bibliography of the Pre - Qin and Han Dynasties by Zhang Qiao 's Collection of Ancient Wen Yuan
19.08.2017 14:10    劉俊男    Liu Junnan    《尚書・甘誓》三正五行辨    On the Three Elements in the Book of Documents Shangshu
19.08.2017 14:20    劉春明    Liu Chunming    漢末三國文化融合視域中的漢譯佛典《六度集經》    On the Translation of Chinese Characters in the Perspective of Cultural Fusion between the Three Kingdoms and the Three Kingdoms
19.08.2017 14:30    潘銘基    Pan Mingji    班固《漢書》的經學意義——兼論《漢書》的傳授與讀法    The Significance of Classics in Ban Gu 's "Han Shu" - Also on the Teaching and Reading of "Han Shu"
19.08.2017 14:40    鄭煒明    Zheng Weiming    從上博簡〈頌城〉篇看先秦墨家之談辯與說書    Talking about the discussion and storytelling of the pre - Qin and Mohism in the preface of "Song cheng"
19.08.2017 14:50    張懿奕    Zhang Yiyi    属辞比事:《春秋》教功能探微    On the Function of "Spring and Autumn"
19.08.2017 15:00    洪文婷    Hong Wenting    文學與時世――由陳啟源《毛詩稽古編》知人論世說談起    Literature and Time - From the Perspective of Chen Qiyuan 's Criticism of Mao
19.08.2017 15:10    王棕琦    Wang Zongqi    《文子.道德》篇章結構考論    "Wenzi. Moral" chapter structure
19.08.2017 15:20    DISCUSSANT Wu Tingyin 伍亭因, FORUM DISCUSSION
19.08.2017 15:40    PANEL 02 in Hall 2 "Classical Chinese Confucian Literature (Pre-Qin)"
19.08.2017 15:40    成潤淑    Cheng Runshu = Y. S. Seong 성윤숙    《論語》經文異文的文字學的考察    A Study of the Different Texts of the Analects of Confucius
19.08.2017 15:50    伍亭因    Wu Tingyin    《孔叢子・詰墨》成篇問題芻議    On the Problem of "Kong Congzi"
19.08.2017 16:00    崔慧珍    Cui Huizhen    《論語》經文異文的文字學的考察    A Study of the Different Texts of the Analects of Confucius
19.08.2017 16:10    成蕾    Chéng Lěi    2000 以来法国《论语》译介与研究概况    Translation and Research of "The Analects" by Confucius in France since 2000
19.08.2017 16:20    DISCUSSANT Zheng Weiming 鄭煒明, FORUM DISCUSSION
19.08.2017 16:40    PANEL 03 in Hall 2 "Premodern Chinese Literature: Prose"
19.08.2017 16:40    陶禮天    Tao Litian    《文心雕龍》文學地理批評研究    A Study of Literary Geography Criticism in Wenxin Diaolong by Liu Xie (ca. 465-ca. 521)
19.08.2017 16:50    陳元鋒    Chen Yuanfeng    陆游“本色”论    On the "Nature" of Lu You
19.08.2017 17:00    朱惠國    Zhu Huiguo    論辛棄疾二十四首《臨江仙》的體式及其詞譜學意義    On the Style of the Fourteen "Linjiang Immortals" in Xin Qiji and Its Lexical Significance
19.08.2017 17:10    張福清    Zhang Fuqing    《梅堯臣集編年校注》補正    Correction of Mei Yaochen 's Annotations of Annals
19.08.2017 17:40    PANEL 04 in Hall 2 "Premodern Chinese Literature: Poetry"
19.08.2017 17:50    厲運偉    Li Yunwei    史筆與道心:儒家詩學的歷史敘述與價值闡釋    History and Taoism: Historical Narration and Value Interpretation of Confucian Poetics
19.08.2017 18:00    王可喜    Wang Kexi    宋南渡诗人张䵗?早期事迹考    Song Nandu poet Zhang Early deeds
19.08.2017 18:10    唐星    Tang Xing    論禮樂因素對北周宗廟歌辭創作的影響    On the Influence of Rites and Music Factors on the Songs of the Northern Zhou Dynasty
19.08.2017 18:10    李江峰    Li Jiangfeng    別一種史:詩格中的唐詩發展歷程    Another History: the Development of Tang Poems in Poetic Style
19.08.2017 18:20    杨松冀    Yang Songji    王维出塞路线与《使至塞上》诗之解读    The Interpretation of Wang Wei 's Poems and the Interpretation of Poems
20.08.2017 08:00    PANEL 05 in Hall 2 "Tang and Song literature"
20.08.2017 08:00    楊存昌    Yang Cunchang    《論中國文學的古典主義性質》    "On the classical nature of Chinese literature"
20.08.2017 08:10    周能俊    Zhou Nengjun    “嘉禾”符瑞对元魏政治的影响    The Influence of "Shanghe" on the Politics of Yuan Dynasty
20.08.2017 08:20    黃啟深    Huang Qishen    《勵忠節鈔》引《世說新語》考論    A Textual Research on "The New Language of the World"
20.08.2017 08:30    方星移    Fang Xingyi    一个城镇的唐宋文学记忆    A town of Tang and Song literary memory
20.08.2017 08:40    张新科    Zhang Xinke    《史记》在唐代的传播与接受    The Dissemination and Acceptance of "Historical Records" in the Tang Dynasty
20.08.2017 09:10    PANEL 06 in Hall 2 "Ming Qing literature"
20.08.2017 09:10    李梦圆    Li Mengyuan    中国比喻式评点与西方印象派    Chinese Metaphorical Criticism and Western Impressionism
20.08.2017 09:20    許建平    Xu Jianping    金瓶梅的文化價值﹕從「食貨文化」向「貨幣文化」轉型的里程碑    The Cultural Value of Jin Ping Mei: A Milestone in the Transition from "Food Culture" to "Currency Culture"
20.08.2017 09:30    章池    Zhang Chi    复现与异变--《桃花扇》、《1699 桃花扇》视角结构比较研究    A Comparative Study on the View Structure of "Peach Blossom Fan" and "1699 Peach Blossom Fan"
20.08.2017 09:40    張惠    Zhang Hui    曹雪芹《种芹人曹霑画册》与《红楼梦》关系考    A Textual Research on the Relationship between Cao Xueqin 's "Celestial Person" and "A Dream of Red Mansions"
20.08.2017 09:50    赵望秦    Zhao Wangqin    论晚明《史记》传播与历史小说创作    On the Spread of Historical Records in the Late Ming Dynasty and the Creation of Historical Novels
20.08.2017 10:00    高益荣    Gao Yirong    元曲对传统文学精神背离的文化特征    The Cultural Characteristics of Yuanqu 's Deviation from the Spirit of Traditional Literature
20.08.2017 10:10    陳亮亮    Chen Liangliang    《红楼梦》与中国戏曲传统    Dream of The Chamber and The tradition of Chinese Drama
20.08.2017 10:20    吳惠珍    Wú Huìzhēn    從明代鄒迪光作品集所展示的生活圖卷看紅塵與淨土的交疊    The overlapping of the Red and the Pure Land from the Life Figures of Zou Diguang 's Works in Ming Dynasty
20.08.2017 10:30    唐钧    Tang Jun        Dissemination of the Dream of the Red Chamber in Europe
20.08.2017 11:00     
PANEL 07 in Hall 2 "Republican Literature of the 1920s"
20.08.2017 11:00    方長安    Fang Chang'an    1920年代國語文學史的發生與退場    The Occurrence and Exit of the History of Chinese Literature in the 1920s
20.08.2017 11:10    曹清華    Cáo Qīnghuá    “意识”的危机,还是“语言”的危机
——再论五四时期“激烈的反传统主义”    Is It A Crisis of Consciousness, or of Language: A New Study on the “Radical Antitraditionalism in the May Fourth Era”
20.08.2017 11:20    陳潔    Chen Jie    《论<新青年>编辑权的改变对其分化的影响》    "On the influence of the change of the editorial right of the new youth on its differentiation"
20.08.2017 11:30    羅宗宇    Luo Zongyu    论王德威的沈从文研究    On Wang Dewei's study of Shen Congwen
20.08.2017 11:40    石曉楓    Shi Xiaofeng    幽冥時空書寫的現世諷喻--中國新時期小說中的南方女鬼    The Allegory of the Annotations of the Annotations of Time and Space - The Southern Female Ghost in Chinese Novels of the New Era
20.08.2017 11:50    沈玲    Shěn Líng    欲望的色彩--論《沉香屑・第一爐香》中色彩的隱喻意義    The Color of Desire - On the Metaphorical Meaning of Colors in "Shen Xianghuang" Chapter 1
20.08.2017 12:20    LUNCH BREAK
20.08.2017 13:40    PANEL 08 in Hall 2 "Modern Literary History"
20.08.2017 13:40    赵辉    Zhao Hui    《剑桥中国文学史》的得失与“中国文学史”的书写    The Gains and Losses of "Cambridge History of Chinese Literature" and the Writing of "History of Chinese Literature"
20.08.2017 13:50    張鴻聲    Zhang Hongsheng    中国现代文学史叙述的史观问题    The Historical View of the Narration of Chinese Modern Literature History
20.08.2017 14:00    葉楊曦    Ye Yangxi    北美中国文学史的书写与反思    Writing and Reconsideration of the History of Chinese Literature in North America
20.08.2017 14:10    刘春勇    Liu Chunyong    再论“20世纪中国文学史”    On the History of Chinese Literature in the 20th Century
20.08.2017 14:20    张三夕    Zhang Sanxi    关于中国文学史研究的几点反思    Reflections on the Study of Chinese Literary History
20.08.2017 14:30     葛亮    Ge Liang    屬下的言辭――“她者歷史” 的文學建構    On the Literary Construction of "Her History"
20.08.2017 14:40    錢虹    Qián Hóng    近四十年來世界華文文學本土化歷程的回顧
——兼論世界華文文學的學科定位及其理論表述    A Review of the Localization of Chinese Literature in the World in Recent 40 Years - Also on the Disciplinary Orientation and Theoretical Expression of World Chinese Literature
20.08.2017 15:10    PANEL 09 in Hall 2 "Translation: Ancient and premodern"
20.08.2017 15:10    黄中习    Huang Zhongxi    道典英译:西方汉学界译介中国典籍的重要内容——兼论《庄子》英译的历史特点及发展趋势    On the Historical Features and Development Trend of Translating "Zhuangzi" into English
20.08.2017 15:20    賴文斌    Lai Wenbin    19世纪朱子学在英语世界的翻译与传播考略    A Study of the Translation and Dissemination of Zhu Xi 's Learning in the English World in the 19th Century
20.08.2017 15:30    姜哲    Jiang Zhe    新教傳教士《論語》英譯匯校集釋    Protestant Missionaries' Interpretation of the Analects of Confucius
20.08.2017 15:40    馬士奎    Ma Shikui    北京民俗的多角度呈现——晚晴和民国时期北京民谣英译研究    Multi - angle Presentation of Beijing 's Folklore - A Study of English Translation of Beijing Folk in Late Qing Dynasty and Republic of China
20.08.2017 15:50    何嵩昱    He Songyu    中国古代女诗人在英语世界的译介与传播    The Translation and Dissemination of Ancient Chinese Female Poets in English
20.08.2017 16:00    王鵬飛    Wang Pengfei    儒學典籍四書在歐洲的譯介與研究    Translation and Study of Four Books of Confucian Classics in Europe
20.08.2017 16:10    周文业    Zhou Wenye    中国文学地理和古代小说版本信息化平台    Chinese literature geography and ancient novel version of the information platform
20.08.2017 16:40    PANEL 10 in Hall 2 "Translation: Modern and Contemporay"
20.08.2017 16:40    宋莉華    Song Lihua    英國漢學家理雅各的章回小說寫作及其文體學意義    The English Sinologist 's Writing and Its Stylistic Significance
20.08.2017 16:50    李潇雨    Li Xiaoyu    西方再现视野中的寺和塔    The West Represents the Temple and the Tower of Vision
20.08.2017 17:00    王天红    Wang Tianhong    中国现代新诗(1917-1949)的英译与国际传播    English Translation of Chinese Modern New Poetry (1917-1949) and International Communication
20.08.2017 17:10    沈金浩    Shen Jinhao    全球化时代中国古典文学研究的目的论与方法论    The Skopos Theory and Methodology of Chinese Classical Literature in the Era of Globalization
20.08.2017 17:20    張冠雄    Zhang Guanxiong    德國及日本留學生的初級粵語網絡學習情況比較    A Comparative Study on the Learning of Primary Cantonese Learners in German and Japanese
20.08.2017 17:30    李美燕    Li Meiyan    高羅佩(R.H. van Gulik)對中國琴學文獻翻譯之省思    (R.H. van Gulik) on the translation of Chinese piano literature
19.08.2017 14:00    PANEL 11 in Hall 1 "China in Asia"
19.08.2017 14:10    朴宰雨    Park, Jae Woo 박재우    韩国人用华文写的抗日诗歌研究—以《韩国青年》、《光复》、《朝向义勇队通讯》所载的诗歌为中心    A Study on the Anti-Japanese Poems Written by Korean in Chinese - Centered on the Poems of "Korean Youth", "Guangfu" and "Towards Volunteers"
19.08.2017 14:10         Ma Xiaohua    全球化时代的中国外交-战后对日和解政策    China in the Global World
―Its Reconciliation Policy with Japan in the Postwar Era―
19.08.2017 14:20    姜春華    Jiang Chunhua = Duk Sung 강춘화    中韩汉学的比较与融合---以朱熹‘驗證說’萌芽与洪大容‘实证说’比较为中心    The Comparison and Integration of Chinese and Korean Han Studies - A Comparative Study of Zhu Xi...
19.08.2017 14:30    汪超    Wang Chao    知識傳播與文化共同體:10-19世紀高麗、朝鮮詞的中國地名運用    Knowledge Communication and Cultural Community: Application of Chinese Place Names in Korea and Korean in the 10th and 19th Centuries
19.08.2017 15:00    PANEL 12 in Hall 1 "Buddhist Studies"
19.08.2017 15:00    廖天雄    Liao Tianxiong    從《俱舍論》時空觀看世親的詮釋方法    On the Method of Annotating the World 's Annotations from the Viewpoint of "Total negation"
19.08.2017 15:10         Rösch, Petra    佛教的懺悔    Buddhist confessions of sins
19.08.2017 15:20    竇敏慧    Dou Minhui    析論《攝大乘論》阿陀那識之「執著」意    An Analysis of the Meaning of "Perseverance" in the Art of the Assimilation to the "Great Vehicle"
19.08.2017 15:30    孔令遠    Kong Lingyuan    明永樂皇帝遣鄭和布施錫蘭山立佛等寺碑文考釋    A Textual Research on the Monument to the Monastery of the Buddha and the Temple of
19.08.2017 15:40    簡汝恩    Jian Ruen    《法華經・見寶塔品》中特殊情節的意義:以其歷代注解為切入視角    The Significance of the Special Plot "Fa hua jing" in the Fantasy Warrior
19.08.2017 15:50    李幸玲    Li Xingling    佛傳文本與圖像的系譜──以方法論的反思為起點    Buddhism and the Genealogy of Images - Starting from Methodology
19.08.2017 16:00    洪錦淳    Hóng Jǐnchún    佛教儀式主體性的建構歷程—論臺灣當代「水陸法會」的變革    The Course of Constructing the Style of Buddhist Rituals - On the Change of Taiwan 's Contemporary Water and Land Law
19.08.2017 16:30    PANEL 13 in Hall 1 "Dissemination of Chinese literature abroad"
19.08.2017 16:30    王長順    Wang Changshun    中國古代“英雄”觀的海外認同——以先秦兩漢文學典籍的海外傳播為例    Overseas Identity of Ancient Chinese "Hero" View - A Case Study of Overseas Communication of Pre-Qin and Han Dynasties
19.08.2017 16:40    孫遜    Sun Xun    从韩国汉文小说《壬辰录》看“关羽崇拜”在东亚的影响    The Influence of "Guan Yu 's Worship" in East Asia from the Korean Chinese Novel "Ren
19.08.2017 16:50    吳雙    Wu Shuang    衝擊與變異:“水滸豪傑”在日本的審美性嬗變    Impact and Variation: Aesthetic Evolution of "Water Margin" in Japan
19.08.2017 17:00         Oliver, Jacqueline    创造和分享中国的知识,并将其传播到世界各地    Creating and sharing knowledge about China and spreading it all over the world
19.08.2017 17:10         Zhou Zuyan    中國文化海外傳播﹕策略,建議,實踐    Overseas Chinese Culture: Strategy, Suggestion and Practice
19.08.2017 17:20    李明华    Li Minghua    论中国古代教育的成功案例对当代教育的启迪    On the Enlightenment of the Successful Cases of Ancient Chinese Education to Contemporary Education
19.08.2017 17:30    傅松潔    Fu Songjie    《西遊補》在美國的傳播與研究    The Dissemination and Study of "Journey to the West" in the United States
19.08.2017 17:40    赵君俊    Zhao Junjun    一个德国汉学研究的新发现:朱熹《诗集传》中期本的流传与接受    A New Discovery of German Sinology: The Spread and Acceptance of Zhu Xi's Poems
20.08.2017 08:00    PANEL 14 in Hall 1 "Comparison East West"
20.08.2017 08:00    閆華    Yan Hua    法国的千年英雄与苏轼的千古风流    French Millennium hero and Su Shi 's eternal romantic
20.08.2017 08:10    樊婧    Fan Jing    中外《史记》文学研究比较    A Comparative Study of Literature Records in Chinese and Foreign Historical Records
20.08.2017 08:20    何美珍    He Meizhen    明清時期外來西方甜點考 -
以《造洋飯書》及《西法食譜》為例    "Foreign Western Dessert in Ming and Qing Dynasties -
20.08.2017 08:30    楊韜    Yang Tao    日本和德国对现代中国印刷技术发展的影响因素    Factors of Japan & Germany on the Development of Printing Technology in Modern China
20.08.2017 09:00    PANEL 15 in Hall 1 "Politics and Journalism: Government, Economy, One Belt one Road, China-EU"
20.08.2017 09:00         Wei, Thomas    台湾当事人和两岸关系    Taiwanese Parties and the Cross-Strait Relations
20.08.2017 09:10    汤海    Tang Hai    将公民新闻定位为公民:强强三仁兴的偏见战略分析    Positioning Citizen Journalism as Citizenship: Analyses of Discursive Strategies of the Talkshow "Qiangqiang Sanren Xing"
20.08.2017 09:20    李若莹    Li Ruoying    “一带一路”政策对中欧关系的影响    The Impact of "One Way" Policy on China - EU Relations
20.08.2017 09:30    乔聪睿    Qiao Congrui    农民群众性行动及其在中国的公开招待:乌坎事件案例研究    Farmers’ Mass Actions and Their Public Reception in China: A Case Study on the Wukan Incident
20.08.2017 09:40         Ying Tang    1978年以来中国政府经济功能转型研究    Research on the Transformation of government economic function of China since 1978
20.08.2017 09:50         Hussein Mohammed    中国研究新发现:“中国经济对当今世界的影响与未来展望”    New findings in Chinese Studies: “China Economic Impacts in the World of today and the Future Perspectives”
20.08.2017 10:20    PANEL 16 in Hall 1 "China in Malaysia", PANEL 17 "Hong Kong and Taiwan"
20.08.2017 10:20    林宛莹    Lim Woan Yin (Lin Wanying)    马来西亚华人对儒家经典的伦理传承与复兴    The Ethic Inheritance and Revival of Confucian Classics by Malaysian Chinese
20.08.2017 10:30         Khor Boon Eng    重申还是抵制? 中国和马来文对马来西亚主导话语的文学回应    Reaffirming or Resisting? Chinese and Malay Literary Responses to Malaysia's Dominant Discourse
20.08.2017 10:40         Viitasaari, Erkki    “站在巨人之间的地位 - 香港,澳门和新加坡国家博物馆的民族认同”    Standing their Grounds among Giants - National Identity in National Museums of Hong Kong, Macau and Singapore
20.08.2017 10:50    徐詩穎    Xu Shiying    文学史观建构的限制与突破——从中国大陆考察后“九七”时代香港文学史的编 撰    Restrictions and Breakthroughs in the Construction of Literary History View - Compilation of the History of Hong Kong Literature in the "1997" Era after the Investigation from Mainland China
20.08.2017 11:00    李婉薇    Li Wanwei    香港作為場域﹕論戰後方言文學的理論與創作    Hong Kong as a Field: Theory and Creation of Postwar Dialect Literature
20.08.2017 11:10    龔顯宗    Gōng Xiǎnzōng    沈光文的研究與傳播    Research and Dissemination of Shen Guangwen
20.08.2017 11:40    PANEL 18 in Hall 1 "War in Asia: Korea War, Manchuko and the Rescue Myth of Jewish people"
20.08.2017 11:40    田沫    Tian Mo    韩国战争与东北地区经济社会效应     The Korea War and Northeast China, economic and social effects
20.08.2017 11:50    王昱    Wang Yu    拯救神话:“上海艺术”和上海犹太教徒博物馆犹太大屠杀的拯救之谜:“上海方舟”和上海犹太难民纪念馆    The Myth of Holocaust Rescue: "Shanghai Art" and the Shanghai Jewish Refegee Museum
20.08.2017 12:00    李相银    Li Xiangyin    张爱玲的战时记忆与战争书写    Zhang Ai - ling 's Wartime Memory and War Writing
20.08.2017 12:10    劉恆興         「滿洲國」大同時期官方傳媒的婦女論述:以《滿洲新文化月報》為中心(1933-1934)    "Manchukuo" Datong official media of women's discussion: the "Manchuria New Culture Monthly" as the center (1933-1934)
20.08.2017 12:40    LUNCH BREAK
20.08.2017 13:40    PANEL 19 in Hall 1 "Aesthetics and Wang Guowei and 'ren' with Matteo Ricci"
20.08.2017 13:40         SEO Heejung    王国维思想中的“人类与世界的世界物质一概念”概念的美学解读。    The Aesthetical Interpretation about the concept of ‘Human Beings and Their Circumstances are Whole World 物我一体’in WANG Guowei’s Thought.
20.08.2017 13:50         Liu Hanzhen    回顾起源的意义:中华传统医学理论中的真正中国要素(CTM)    Hauling back the origination of the meaningfulness:The True Chinese Essentials in the Theory of Chinese Traditional Medicare(CTM)
20.08.2017 14:00    王子    Wong Tsz    “利玛窦”天主实义“论”仁“”(1603)从利玛窦的“真主意义”探索“仁”    *Exploring ‘Ren’ in Matteo Ricci’s “The True Meaning of the Lord of Heaven”
(1603)从利玛窦《天主实义》论“仁” *
20.08.2017 14:30    PANEL 20 in Hall 1 "Modern and contemporary literature"
20.08.2017 14:30         Wang Lin        Discussing  the Transformation of Modern  Chinese Literature Writing
20.08.2017 14:40    梁丽芳    Liang Lifang    (崛起与传播:撰写中国当代小说家:生平、作品与评价)的几点体会    Contemporary Chinese Fiction Writers: Biography, Bibliography and Critical Assessment (崛起与传播:撰写中国当代小说家:生平、作品与评价)的几点体会
20.08.2017 14:50         Chou, Eva Shan    魯迅的《傷逝》 Adaptions for Film and Stage.    Adaptations of Lu Xun’s 傷逝 ‘Regrets for the Past’ for Film and Stage.
20.08.2017 15:00     施军    Shi Jun    茅盾的象征诗学与创作实践    Mao Dun 's Symbolic Poetics and His Writing Practice
20.08.2017 15:10    葉文舉         精致的文本細讀及其普適性的不足——對柯素芝《中國中古文學中的性和超自然:〈臨江仙〉》的述評    Exquisite text reading and its lack of universality - A review of Ke Suzhi's "Sexual and supernatural in Chinese medieval literature:" Linjiang cents "
20.08.2017 15:20    梁樹風    Leung Shu-Fung    中國文學中的植物二三事    Two or three things about plants in Chinese Literature
20.08.2017 15:50    PANEL 21 in Hall 1 "Single author studies (Mao Zedong, Wang Xiaobo, Shi Tuo)"
20.08.2017 15:50    吳娛玉    Wu Yuyu    从政治实践话语到文化阐释策略——以詹姆逊对毛泽东思想的美学挪用为例    From Political Practice Discourse to Cultural Interpretation Strategy - A Case Study of Jameson's Aesthetic Misappropriation of Mao Zedong Thought
20.08.2017 16:00    孟歡    Meng Huan    王小波國外研究綜述    A Summary of Foreign Studies on Wang Xiaobo (1952-1997)
20.08.2017 16:10    翟業軍    Zhai Yejun    「更有一般堪笑處,六平方米作郇厨」--美食家汪曾祺論    "More generally ridiculous place, six square meters for Huan kitchen" - On gourmet Wang Zengqi
20.08.2017 16:20    谭新红    Tan Xinhong    释契嵩文学成就研究    A Study of the Literary Achievements of Shi Qisong (1007-1072)
20.08.2017 16:30    鄭怡    Zheng Yi    師陀與中國現代小說原鄉志傳統    Shi Tuo (1910-1988) and the Chinese Traditional Novels
20.08.2017 16:40    李玲    Li Ling    文学史上的黄遵宪    Huang Zunxian (1848-1905) in the History of Literature
20.08.2017 17:10    PANEL 22 in Hall 1 "Communist and Anti-Communist", PANEL 23 in Hall 1 "Confucian Stone Research, Neo-Confucianism in 17th century"
20.08.2017 17:10         Hee Wai Siam    新加坡故事,好莱坞版本:美国政府在新加坡和马来亚制作的反共影片    A Singapore Story, Hollywood's Version: US Government Anti-communist Films Produced in Singapore and Malaya
20.08.2017 17:20         Landa, Sara    诗歌,政治与革命:德国翻译和毛泽东诗歌的转型    Poetry, Politics and Revolutions: German Translations and Transformations of Mao Zedong's Poetry
20.08.2017 17:30    俞曉紅    Yu Xiaohong    百年中國紅學跨文化闡釋史論    On the History of Cross - cultural Interpretation of Chinese Red Literature in the Past 100 Years
20.08.2017 17:40         Chu, Margaret    杨成磊:十七世纪晚期普通民俗新儒家混合文本    The Yang-cheng lei-pien: A Late 17th Century New-Confucian Hybrid Text for the Ordinary Folk
20.08.2017 17:50    郭妍伶    Guo Yanling    民國以來儒家石經研究成果綜述    A Summary of the Achievements of Confucian Stone Research since the Republic of China
20.08.2017 18:20    PANEL 24 in Hall 1 "Linguistics"
20.08.2017 18:20    張泰源    Zhang Taiyuan = Jang Tae Won 장태원    從指稱觀點來看的‘了1’和‘了2’語用上的異同點    From the point of view of the point of view of the '1' and '2' pragmatic similarities and differences
20.08.2017 18:20    李偉偉    Li Weiwei    從指稱觀點來看的‘了1’和‘了2’語用上的異同點    From the point of view of the point of view of the '1' and '2' pragmatic similarities and differences
20.08.2017 18:30         Pavlova, Alena Dmitrievna    “句子最终的粒子作为一个普遍的语言类别:斯拉夫语和中文语言的粒子”    Sentence-final particles as a universal linguistic category: particles in
Slavic and Chinese languages
20.08.2017 18:40         Cai Zong-qi    “”领导词“和曼奇诗歌的韵律,句法和结构创新”“     “Lead Words” and the Prosodic, Syntactic, and Structural
Innovations of the Manci Poetry”
20.08.2017 18:50    姜允玉    Jiang Yunyu 강윤옥    15世纪崔溥《漂海录》中见到的明代汉语词汇特点和价值    The Characteristics and Value of Chinese Vocabulary in the Ming Dynasty in Cui Pu 's "Drifting the Sea" in the 15th Century
20.08.2017 19:00    陳淑梅         梅辉立《中国辞汇》研究    A Study of Mei Hui - li 's "Chinese Dictionary"
20.08.2017 19:10    方環海    Fāng Huánhǎi    國際漢學的歷史分期及其相關問題--基於語言習得的視角    The Historical Stages of International Sinology and Its Related Problems - Based on the Perspective of Language Acquisition
20.08.2017 19:40    DINNER
20.08.2017 20:30    CLOSING CEREMONY 閉幕式:主題報告: 郑炜明 Zheng Weiming, 王兆鵬 Wang Zhaopeng, 朴宰雨Park Jae Woo

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